Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, Scott and Benji make their triumphant return after being traded to Fargo.  We talk "Moneyball" and "Pulp Fiction, make a visit to "Spainhoward: For the Defense!" and do another homework assignment.  Plus, we discuss whether Brett Ratner can not suck.

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In this episode, we discuss the finer points of rogue toe sucking, how to get your dead friend to foot the bill, the Star Wars Blu Ray release and whether Spaceballs holds up once you're past the age of 12.  Plus, Scott and Benji "Drive" and we get the premier of "Aces High!".

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In this episode, we discuss Warrior, Eddie Murphy's streak of humanity, do it yourself plastic surgery and we meet Chad.  Plus, our homework assignment,Chad bulks up for his next cage fight and we discuss vampirism among the elderly.

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In this special edition, we look back on the summer that was.  Harry Potter, we barely knew ye.  Captain America, may God be with you.  Green Lantern...you suck.

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In this episode, we discuss space crabs, the hypocrisy of George Lucas, we get an introduction to Captain Eddie and we meet Scott.  Plus, another week of homework and a visit from Sean Connery.

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