Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this special episode, we spoil the crap out of "The Dark Knight Rises", dissecting the film and measuring it against the previous films in the trilogy.

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In this episode, we get a visit from Bane and Batman, discuss the Aurora theater shooting, and hit the homework.  Plus, a slew of Colorado-related douchebags.

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With the beginning of our second season, we discuss Dark Knight anticipation, Chad's irrational hatred of a card game, touch on some news of the week and introduce a plethora of new douchebags.  All this, and Wilford Brimley!

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On this, our super spectacular one year anniversary special, we welcom celebrity guests, friends of the show and look back on the past year.  We have news, douches and discuss Spiderman as well.

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We get ready to celebrate our first anniversary with our best episode this week!  This time, we discuss Moonrise Kingdom and Ted, with a little Brave on the side.  We encounter a racist Elmo, and Chad becomes disenfranchised with Dish Network.  Plus, you can win stuff!

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