Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, Chad bids a fond farewell (at least for two weeks), we begin the searh for a guest host and we coin the latest conservative name for Obama...spread it to the four winds.  Plus, we discuss Red Dawn, Rise of the Guardians and Life of Pi.  All this and a butt kissing fake dentist.

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In this episode, Chad inches ever closer to surrendering his man card, we discuss news and douches and take a look at Lincoln and Skyfall.

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In this episode, we discuss an unorthodox masseuse, learn the proper alcohol level for pudding wrestling and reminisce on old times.  Plus, election douchebags and our homework.

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In this episode, Scott is voted off of the show, Benji and Chad discuss the Disney purchase of Star Wars, and we discuss Man with the Iron Fists and Flight.

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In this episode, Chad alienates a longtime listener by giving him a horrible, horrible nickname, we discuss Cloud Atlas and the Walking Dead, and we cover the news of the week.  Plus, we read the most awful/awesome douchebag story ever.

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