Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, we welcome special guest Will Blanchard, who regales us with his trio of celebrity impersonations.  We discuss Django Unchained and Jack Reacher, and Will examines the place of Batman Returns in the pantheon of Batman films.  Plus, douchebags and homework.

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It's our Christmas episode!  This time around, we discuss our journey to Kansas City to watch The Hobbit in 48 frame per second 3D at the Imax in Kansas City.  Plus, we talk about douchbags and news, and we have our gift exchange.

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A special Christmas treat for all of our loyal listeners:  Part Two of our radio drama compilations.  Enjoy!

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In this episode, Chad butchers Christmas music, Chad and Scott discuss The Hobbit, and we talk douchebags and odd news.  

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In this episode, Chad makes his triumphant return.  Will Blanchard makes his mark on the show, we eat some horribly disgusting things and we hit the usual news and douchebags.

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In this episode, Chad disappears and What's His Head takes his place.  We discuss horrible parents, our French audience, and the proper length of time to wait before watching The Hobbit.  Plus douchebags and homework!

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