Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, Scott develops intimate knowledge of zombies, we discuss the negative career impact of slave themed weddings and the Muppets further encroachment into the real world.  We also discuss World War Z and Monsters University and cover homework and douchebags.

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Chad's Back!

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In our milestone episode 100, we treat the event with relative indifference, instead talking Man of Steel while Chad sits on the toilet.  We also have a record number of douchebags and reach arounds.  Plus, 100 reasons to love the Chihuahua!

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In this episode, we discuss news, get excited about our upcoming milestone episode, and Benji suffers through The Internship.  Plus, we discuss why we would never want a talking cat.

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In this episode, we rush to make deadline and meet listener expectations.  Also, we discuss Now You See Me, reminisce about Arrested Development and realize why everyone should be more like Aaron Rogers.  All this, and listener mail!

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