Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

As a placeholder until our regular episode hits in a day or two, we offer you this, a recap of our greatest moments of 2013.  Happy New Year, suckers!

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In this episode, Chad makes his triumphant return, we sample exotic wares from far east and slightly north, debate The Hobbit, discuss Anchorman 2 and make Chad an honorary Douchebag and Reacharound winner.  Plus, it’s our annual gift exchange!  

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In this episode, Scott and Benji soldier on without their missing compatriot.  They discuss the latest Hobbit, the Coen Brothers, talk Christmas, ignore Itunes feedback yet again and recognize two very deserving fellas for a Reacharound.  

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In this episode, Scott and Benji continue to soldier on without Chad, we get a Preston Lacy update and we begin their quest to get Preston to do the show.  Plus, we talk Calvin and Hobbes and even more Breaking Bad.

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In this episode, Chad goes AWOL to watch his Chiefs lose, so Scott and Benji discuss Frozen, Amish drive-bys, Benji’s secret love of Preston Lacy, and the untimely death of Paul Walker.  Benji also does his best to alienate all the drunk driver contingent of our audience while Scott cringes, and we talk about yet another reason to hate Guasano’s Pizza.  Plus, we almost completely ignore fantasy football.

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