Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, Scott wusses out because he's stoned (in the worst possible way), so Benji and Chad must carry the load.  We discuss Comicon, Frozen, Muppets and share another installment of Tales of the Theater.  Plus, the return of the Bieber.

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In this episode, we learn about Benji’s secret double life, Chad and Scott geek out over their impending Comicon trip, we discuss Need for Speed and wax poetic about John McTiernan.  Plus, Justin Bieber isn’t a douce!  At least for one week.

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In this episode, Scott reveals his ingenious way to benefit from Daylight Savings Time, we discuss Mr. Peabody and Sherman and find out what it would be like if Benji were on The Walking Dead.  Plus, we lose a section where Chad and Benji talk basketball due to Benji's acient computer.  All this, plus Justin Bieber's still a douchebag.

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In this episode, we take binge watching to the extreme, discuss some of the best of Netflix, and offer up a douchebag.  Plus, Benji defends the Oscars and tells another very special Tales from the Theater.

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