Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

We're back!  After a week in which no one bothered to notice we were gone, we've returned with fresh tales of pop culture frivolity.  We discuss Godzilla and the new X-Men, talk douchebags and give ourselves a hand.  Plus, Chad has a new card game and we hate pointless graduations!

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In this episode, we talk about how an untimely death sheds a light on the indifference of our local movie theater.  Benji and Scott talk Neighbors, and Chad gives an unfortunate Reacharound.  All this, plus Douchebags!

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Third, fourth or fifth time is the charm....

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In this episode, we discuss plans for getting into shape, spoil Amazing Spider-Man 2, talk douchebags, and Chad recounts a Tales from the Theater in which he was the DB of the week.  All this, plus the Attack of the Clones.

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In this episode, another of Chad’s hair brained schemes backfires, we discuss older movies, check in on the Oscar Pistorius trial, and visit our Tales from the Theater.  Plus, douchebags galore!

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