Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, we finally get all three guys back in the same room for the first time in four months.  This podcast serves as proof of life for Benji after his surgery, Chad is still pursuing his dreams of being a sleazy politician (apologies for the redundancy) and Scott flashes some new ink.  The guys recap what they've done with their time off, recount a ton of movies and television shows and once again two thirds don't prepare news items.  Plus, we read the tons of emails that we received lamenting our long absence.

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In this episode Benji and Scott recount their trip to see "Weird" Al Yankovic in concert, including Scott's up close and personal encounter with a jumbo sized fan and Chad continues to lobby to win the coveted podcast endorsement for his campaign.  Plus, we review the recently watched "Rampage".  All that and a special cameo from your favorite "Zootopia" star.

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After multiple delays, we finally get back together to record.  Benji discusses his awful couple of months, Chad and Scott recap their time as pigs, we catch up on movies and we FINALLY hold our drawing for the Timeless 3D mini figurines. 

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The fellas embrace their porcine nature, leaving Benji behind to try to soldier on.  Fortunately, we get a visit from Whatshishead.  We discuss digital vs. physical, talk Black Panther and rail once again against lousy movie theaters.  Plus, a short term return of Tales from the Theater!

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Fair Use

Law and Disorder

The Pirates of Pissant

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In this episode, Benji holds pointless grudges against Chad and Scott for screwing up trivia answers even though they still won.  We talk sexy fishmen and singing circus folk.  And we finally set the details for our mini-fig giveaway.  Hurry up and enter!

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We finally do Christmas!  Plus, Scott and Benji recount their regional wrestling experiences, we catch up on movies that should have been covered a long time ago, and we recap our top five films of 2017.  Plus, the grand unveiling of the 3D figures from the last episode.

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