Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, Benji stops being a leach on society, Chad explains why he spent so much time on his hands and knees and Scott takes care of a pesky hangnail.  Plus, we talk movies, dissect homework and recount our special evening watching "Fateful Findings" with FOP Brad to the Bone.

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In this episode, we go in depth on our thoughts on the future of movie theaters, analyze our return to some normalcy and how we think it's going and touch on whether Sam Elliot is cool enough to save a dull movie. 

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In this episode, we, along with listeners, berate Scott for selecting what could possibly be the worst movie ever made for homework.  We discuss returning a bit to normal life, run down our movies and hear some listener mail.  Also, Scott's still the worst.

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In this episode, Chad decides to gross out not only his friends but the listening audience as well with what he had done that day.  We discuss all things quarantine, the re-opening of the state, and we make a phony homework assignment that you definitely shouldn't do since it's no longer available.  Plus, we talk movies, television, receive a very special phone call from a listener who makes some salient points about Chad and we hit the homework.  Plus, you can hear how Scott's son tried to kill Chad.  All this, plus Andy Rooney!

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