Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

On our Merry Christmas show, we welcome Chad back with indifference, discuss the upcoming slate of Christmas movies and enage in the revival of our annual gift exchange.  Plus, the entire show is supervised by our special guest, Smoking Chihuahua legal counsel Jason Glahn.

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The Greatest Hites of Smoking Chihuahua...all of our radio dramas tied together in one convenient package.  For those who don't care for our opinions but love our voices...

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This week, man about town Arik Gilbert joins us as guest host, discussing the upcoming Big Bad Chubba reunion fundraising concert.  We get to hear about life on the road, talk about The Descendants and catch up on homework.  Plus, listener mail and a special Christmas treat.

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This week, Chad goes AWOL for some lame thing like work obligations, while Scott drags himself off of his sickbed to try to make it through a show.  Also, we discuss Attack the Block and realize there's not much going on.  Plus, a holiday themed homework assignment.

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In this episode, we examine hijacked paternity, Black Friday deals to die for and we track the mystery of Skeeter.  We also discuss The Muppets and The Towering Inferno.  Plus, a visit to the times of ancient Greece and disparage the good name of Michael J. Fox.

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In this episode, we look at plastic surgery alternatives, monkey crotches and douchebags.  We discuss the upcoming films, talk about Chinatown and get get another homework assignment. 

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In this episode, the group decides to revamp the show after a critical drubbing.  We introduce a new segment that leaves us with that not so fresh feeling, and we discuss Immortals.  Plus, we find out who's coming to dinner.

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In this episode, we discuss the proper form for urinating into bank tubes, we sympathize with the Nickelback haters and we discuss Brett Ratner's latest excretion.  Plus, Marathon Man and visit the old west.

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In this episode, we look to build up our multicultural appeal, hit the news and embrace our inner songbirds.  Plus, we recap Paranormal Activity and do a little more homework.  All this and squirrels!

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For our special Halloween episode, Scott is zombie-fied as Chad and Benji discuss the scariest movies of all time (or at least their limited world).  We learn the proper ways to advertise heroin, and make a visit to Red State.  Plus, another radio drama.

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In this special episode, Chad, Scott and Benji work through their anger, we pay a visit to "The Big Year", look back at Marlon Brando in "On the Waterfront", and rail against the stupidity of Adam Sandler.  Plus, Benji slams the movie theater (again) and we learn that there should be an IQ test at the corn mazes.

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In this episode, we have a special visit from an agitated Sean Connery, we check back in with the generous corpse, find out if Tiger Woods likes hot dogs and find out if there's an age limit to sex.  Plus, we check in on Conan O'Brien, we do our homework and we debut our space opera.  All this and peanut brittle!

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In this episode, we revisit the Toe-Suck Fairy, Scott steals someone else's material, Chad waxes poetic about a Twin Peaks that has nothing to do with David Lynch, and Benji tries to be diplomatic about a movie.  Plus, we go "On the Trail!", do our homework and try to figure out which of us is closer to death.

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In this episode, Scott and Benji make their triumphant return after being traded to Fargo.  We talk "Moneyball" and "Pulp Fiction, make a visit to "Spainhoward: For the Defense!" and do another homework assignment.  Plus, we discuss whether Brett Ratner can not suck.

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In this episode, we discuss the finer points of rogue toe sucking, how to get your dead friend to foot the bill, the Star Wars Blu Ray release and whether Spaceballs holds up once you're past the age of 12.  Plus, Scott and Benji "Drive" and we get the premier of "Aces High!".

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In this episode, we discuss Warrior, Eddie Murphy's streak of humanity, do it yourself plastic surgery and we meet Chad.  Plus, our homework assignment,Chad bulks up for his next cage fight and we discuss vampirism among the elderly.

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In this special edition, we look back on the summer that was.  Harry Potter, we barely knew ye.  Captain America, may God be with you.  Green Lantern...you suck.

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In this episode, we discuss space crabs, the hypocrisy of George Lucas, we get an introduction to Captain Eddie and we meet Scott.  Plus, another week of homework and a visit from Sean Connery.

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In this episode, we discuss the dangers of opening your mouth during a hurricane, why Leslie Nielsen shouldn’t have dressed in drag and why you should always be careful when asking “Is that a snake in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”.  Plus, we get to delve into the disturbed mind of Benji, and Will Blanchard ties a bow on his trilogy of unerotic erotica.

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In this episode, we have an update on Yvonne the runaway German cow, Will Blanchard makes another appearance to share more "Unerotic Erotica", Benji and Chad suffer through the Conan remake, Morgan Freeman pops in for a visit, and we discuss whether working with Urkel leads to porn.  Plus, this week's homework assignment:  Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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In this episode, we debut a new limited feature, Unerotic Erotica with Will Blanchard.  We discuss the difficulties of removing the male uterus, Benji and Chad come to blows over Steve Carell, Scott finds the dirty in Harry Potter and more.  Plus, Hobo With a Shotgun!

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In this episode, Chad, Scott and Benji fend off an angry monkey mob as they discuss wallabies, the Dunkin Donuts special, why Brett Ratner sucks, the best of monkey movies and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Plus, this time Scott and Chad suffer too, as the group tackles the cinematic atrocity "Retardead".  All this and the weather...

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In this episode, we discuss Indecent Ewoks, Cowboys and Aliens, movie theater incompetence, the return of Beavis and Butthead and other fun stuff.  Plus, Chad and Scott become the Brutus to Benji's Caeser.  And the website is finally up!

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In this episode, Chad geeks out on Comic-Con and Captain America, we discuss lousy theater management, Amy Winehouse and the risks of sleeping on the sidewalk.  Plus, we finally discuss where our name comes from.  All this and the latest homework assignment.

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In this episode, we discuss poetic justice for killer bear owners, Netflix price increases, all things Harry Potter, midnight movie screenings, and we grade our homework assignment.  Plus, a visit with Mrs. Ruth Fred.

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In the premier episode of Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua, Benji, Scott and Chad discuss Transformers 3, Marlon Brando in 3D, Harry Potter, vampire c-sections and whether Star Trek is boring.

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