Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

Merry Christmas, you scumbags!

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The boys hit a breaking point as they discuss "Wonder".  Plus, they recap their visit to have full body scans, Benji's unfortunate Sloth-ing, Chad's irrational hatred of "Inside Out", and Benji talks "Coco".  Plus, we hear from an old friend and discuss a new enemy.

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In this episode, for everyone except Ashton, we discuss the latest Thor, talk the downfall of Hollywood and examine familial relations in Oklahoma. 

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In this episode, Chad and Scott go toe to toe over Blade Runner 2049, we discuss the doucehbag that is Harvey Weinstein, Benji reads about being funny even if he isn't funny himself and a long-held belief about Jenny may or may not be crushed.

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We visit Alcatraz, check in with Jessie's Girl and Benji talks funny.  Plus, a visit to space and we go a little Stir Crazy.

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In our first ever on the road episode, we come fresh out of a screening of "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" and record a mobile podcast review.  And we didn't do this just to justify the purchase of a mobile recorder.

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In this episode, Scott recaps "It", we talk our weeks, Benji recounts his visit to a local business and Chad mocks everyone mercilessly.

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In this episode, Benji is once again let down by Chad and Scott.  Then we talk movies and life and stuff, decide it might be time to bring back a long-dormant segment and offer a very special reacharound.

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Celebrity Game Night

On The Trail

Titanic alternate ending

Celebrity Game Night

The Bourbons

Chronicles of Crimefighting

Schindler's Cat

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In this very belated episode, we have another bout of computer issues, causing lots of piecing together for editing.  But here we are, over a month later, with our latest round of inanity.  We talk bunches of movies, recap our 4th of July and talk other outdated stuff.

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Episode 3  -- Benji tries out for American Ninja Warrior.  Chad and Scott perform surgery.  We visit some terrible evil people.  And Sean Connery reads a very special audio book.

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A  belated sneak peak at our new sketch comedy podcasts.  Find more at Itunes.

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In this episode, we lament the lack of listenership for our new show (hint, hint), celebrate the return of Sorry Sarah, talk Alien Covenant and discuss the most disgusting home renovation ever.  Plus, Benji crushes Chad's long-held belief that he knows theme show song lyrics and we begin our quest to land Jackee for our 227th episode. 

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In this episode, Chad and Scott recap their adventures at ComiCon, Benji laments the lack of attention for our new show (The Smoking Chihuahua Sketch Comedy Show) and Scott gets the ever loving crap beaten out of him.  Plus, we guard galaxies while we talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and we do our annual summer movie preview.

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In this episode, we make a very special announcement regarding our podcast family.  Chad and Scott talk being Fast and Furious and Chad establishes himself as the worst person ever.  Though Scott makes his own case. 

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In this episode, the guys get a little too close, we reenact Life so you don't have to watch it, talk Beauty and the Beast and Benji forgets about homework once again.  Plus, the return of the king in douchebags and the annual deciphering of Benji's draft list.

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In this episode, we announce our big, grand prize winners of our contest!  Or losers, depending on how you look at it.  We also talk Oscars, Get Out, Logan and Kong: Skull Island.  Plus, we find out who's been listening in and you hear the story of the origin of the show.  All this, plus death by porn! 

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In this episode, Benji introduces us to his new Alexa, the guys discuss the Super Bowl and Lady Gaga and they go in depth on John Wick Chapter 2, Split and Lego Batman.  Plus, we bring homework back to life for at least a little while longer and rant about the usual douchebags.  Plus other stuff.

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In this episode, we recount the damage done by one day of frisbee golfing, we discuss Trump's inauguration and we talk movies.  Plus, we argue whether Lou Gehrig really was that lucky and Benji offers an unexpected reacharound.

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In this episode, we work through myriad technical difficulties to deliver yet another mediocre dose of entertainment.  We realize that Benji truly can't do any kind of accent, we talk our holidays and we revisit Sing and La La Land.  Plus, we put down a once vibrant segment and we follow up with Jesse's Girl.

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