Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, we welcome special guest Will Blanchard, who regales us with his trio of celebrity impersonations.  We discuss Django Unchained and Jack Reacher, and Will examines the place of Batman Returns in the pantheon of Batman films.  Plus, douchebags and homework.

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It's our Christmas episode!  This time around, we discuss our journey to Kansas City to watch The Hobbit in 48 frame per second 3D at the Imax in Kansas City.  Plus, we talk about douchbags and news, and we have our gift exchange.

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A special Christmas treat for all of our loyal listeners:  Part Two of our radio drama compilations.  Enjoy!

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In this episode, Chad butchers Christmas music, Chad and Scott discuss The Hobbit, and we talk douchebags and odd news.  

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In this episode, Chad makes his triumphant return.  Will Blanchard makes his mark on the show, we eat some horribly disgusting things and we hit the usual news and douchebags.

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In this episode, Chad disappears and What's His Head takes his place.  We discuss horrible parents, our French audience, and the proper length of time to wait before watching The Hobbit.  Plus douchebags and homework!

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In this episode, Chad bids a fond farewell (at least for two weeks), we begin the searh for a guest host and we coin the latest conservative name for Obama...spread it to the four winds.  Plus, we discuss Red Dawn, Rise of the Guardians and Life of Pi.  All this and a butt kissing fake dentist.

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In this episode, Chad inches ever closer to surrendering his man card, we discuss news and douches and take a look at Lincoln and Skyfall.

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In this episode, we discuss an unorthodox masseuse, learn the proper alcohol level for pudding wrestling and reminisce on old times.  Plus, election douchebags and our homework.

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In this episode, Scott is voted off of the show, Benji and Chad discuss the Disney purchase of Star Wars, and we discuss Man with the Iron Fists and Flight.

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In this episode, Chad alienates a longtime listener by giving him a horrible, horrible nickname, we discuss Cloud Atlas and the Walking Dead, and we cover the news of the week.  Plus, we read the most awful/awesome douchebag story ever.

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In this episode, we discuss Seven Psychopaths, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Walking Dead and we discuss the news of the week.  Plus, douchebags galore.

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In this episode, we inadvertently recognize the 25th anniversary of the rescue of Baby Jessica, ignore some films, skip some homework and talk some Walking Dead.

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In this episode, Chad lets off some steam after a close encounter of the goth kind, we discuss Taken 2 and Looper, hit the news of the weird and discuss some douchebags.  Plus, Chad finally likes good music!  And another round of Ask the Chihuahua.

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In this episode we discuss the stupidity of frats, discuss the movies we didn't see and Chad talks Ben Folds Five. Plus, Benji expresses his love for Truck Yeah! and we Ask the Chihuahua.

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In this episode, we debate whether text speech will be the death of the English language, we argue over whether a theater should show 2016, review 2016, The Master, Piranhna DD and The Dictator.  We also answer our first Ask the Chihuahua and name our Douchebags of the Week.

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In this episode, Chad returns to once again ignore the homework assignment, we discuss the douchbaggery of Wal Mart, talk all things movies and discuss Pootie Tang.

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In this episode, Chad goes AWOL so we talk to a chair.  Scott and Benji discuss angry beavers and the proper care and feeding of chihuahuas, discuss Barbarella and Safety Not Guaranteed, and discuss the douchebags.  Plus, we reminisce about a local citizen's love of a horse and the legend of Courtney Love.

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In this episode, Benji recounts his near death experience, the boys discuss the writing of James Cameron and talk homework and douchebags.

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In this episode, Benji completely screws up the intro, we discuss Premium Rush, Chad goes nuts over Expendables 2 and we discuss the news and Douchebags.

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In this episode, Scott and Chad attempt to drive Benji to insanity with an unbelievably annoying meme.  We also discuss the survival and death at the Zombie Run, review Expendables 2 and Bourne Legacy, and discuss racist grocery purchases and the worthlessness of Lauren Conrad.

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The boys couldn't get together this week, so we find out what Benji does when he doesn't get his Chad and Scott fix.

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In this podcast, we try to piggyback on Chick-Fil-A's anti-boycott success by trying to offend every possible person.  Plus, we discuss Total Recall, do our homework and have an Olympic themed doucebag.

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In this episode, we discuss the penalties faced by Penn State via healthy debate, talk Chik Fil A, discuss the homework assignment and gather the douches.

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In this special episode, we spoil the crap out of "The Dark Knight Rises", dissecting the film and measuring it against the previous films in the trilogy.

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In this episode, we get a visit from Bane and Batman, discuss the Aurora theater shooting, and hit the homework.  Plus, a slew of Colorado-related douchebags.

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With the beginning of our second season, we discuss Dark Knight anticipation, Chad's irrational hatred of a card game, touch on some news of the week and introduce a plethora of new douchebags.  All this, and Wilford Brimley!

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On this, our super spectacular one year anniversary special, we welcom celebrity guests, friends of the show and look back on the past year.  We have news, douches and discuss Spiderman as well.

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We get ready to celebrate our first anniversary with our best episode this week!  This time, we discuss Moonrise Kingdom and Ted, with a little Brave on the side.  We encounter a racist Elmo, and Chad becomes disenfranchised with Dish Network.  Plus, you can win stuff!

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In this episode, we discuss Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, Brave, Bonnie and Clyde and debate the merits of ignoring music reviews until after listening to an album (and it is decided that Benji was right).  Plus our news, douchebags, Would You Rather?, and we forever blow the opportunity to land the coveted CamelBak endorsement.

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In this issue, we ignore That's My Boy and Rock of Ages, discuss disturbing uses for stuffed animals and find a world full of douchebags.  Plus we try to convince Chad to try out Casino Royale, but he is too snobbish.

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In this episode, Chad petitions to replace the theme song via listener entries, we discuss Snow White and Prometheus.

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In this episode, we deal with some unruly dwarves, prepare ourselves for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, and discuss the bane of humanity that is Kathie Lee Gifford.

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In this episode, we survive technical difficulties to bring back the intro and to introduce the world to the greatest thing ever committed to podcast form, our latest radio drama.  We also discuss Men in Black III, Fido and douchebags. 

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In this episode, Benji dissects the stupidity of Battleship, Chad talks running and Scott is AWOL.  Plus, we discuss texting in movie theaters and present our douchebags of the week.

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This episode is a proctologist's dream.  We get to the bottom of the important issues, we discuss The Avengers yet again, and we look at the wilting of Johnny Depp.  Plus, more douchbags and the latest homework assignment.

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In this issue, we discuss The Avengers, why Chad's favorite place to buy douches, news of the week and we discuss homework.

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Our summer movie preview.

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In this episode, we record the most offensive radio drama ever, Benji and Scott may or may not spill about The Avengers, and we discuss why record collectors are geeks.  Plus, we mock Harry Knowles.

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This episode, we do our best to help a fatherless child, we discuss "Cabin in the Woods" and "The Three Stooges", and Benji springs a surprise on Scott and Chad, inspiring shamless brown nosing.  Plus, we learn the hazards of interrupting fervent copulation when tools are handy. 

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In this episode, we get the world's most convoluted revenge plot, a look at how Titanic should have ended and a plethora of douchebags.  Plus, we discuss our homework and the upcoming films.

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In this episode, Scott goes AWOL, we discuss The Hunger Games and Wrath of the Titans, talk about trailers and 3D and hammer a fat douche.  Plus, Would You Rather? and the first silent radio drama.

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In the geekiest podcast yet, Chad and Scott recount their visit to a comic convention, we discuss The Hunger Games without actually seeing it, and Benji gets electrocuted.

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In this episode, the truth about Chad becomes known, we discuss 21 Jump Street, and Hunger for Games.  Plus, we celebrate our Independence and Scott and Chad prepare to geek out at Comic Con...

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This episode, we discuss Best Worst Movie, Chad carries Scott, stubs his toe and doesn't swear too much. 

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Two sick kids and a lack of sleep = no synopsis...but rest assured the sexiness survives intact.

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This episode, Benji and Scott successfully drive Chad away, at least for a few minutes.  We discuss how Benji is right about movies, always, and the show gets award recognition.  Plus, douchebags and the worst drama ever.

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In this episode, we pay tribute to the recently departed Whitney Houston, special guest Jar Jar Binks comes around to annoy everyone, we discuss the Super Bowl commercials and shoot for that ever elusive Waffle House endorsement.  Plus, we discuss Safe House, Midnight in Paris, Cowboys and Aliens and the Star Wars 3D rerelease. 

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In this episode, we discuss Chronicle, The Italian Job, Michael Caine's virility and borrowed douches.  Plus, the most creative introduction and radio drama ever.  All this, plus juggling monkeys.

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In this episode, we shame Fear Factor into airing a re-run, we discuss our homework, throw out a douchebag or two and find out the state of the podcast.

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In this episode, we review Red Tails, Haywire and The Artist, we discuss good theaters, and we play Would You Rather?  Plus, Homework and douchebags.

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In this episode, we discuss the gastrointestinal issues of George Brett, the newly neutered Golden Globes, the Beauty and the Beast 3D conversion and doucey captains.  Plus, we get Lost on Alcatraz and make some increasingly poor decisions.

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This episode, Scott figths off a demonic effect, Chad finally catches up with "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", we catch up on some homework and we discuss what constitutes a threesome. 

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After a holiday break, we gather again, nursing our various illnesses and mocking Scott's inability to spell "First".  We also discuss "Mission: Impossible", "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", "War Horse" and "The Adventures of Tin Tin".  Plus, we ramble on about various topics and blow off our homework.  All this and juggling monkeys.

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