Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua (Entertainment)

Maintaining something of a schedule, we're back!  We talk Schitt's Creek, Cancel Culture,  the bit of the Golden Globes we actually saw and some awards caliber movies.  Plus, we lament the potential demise of the Alamo Drafthouse.   Finally, will Chad be able to defend his douchebag title?  Listen to find out!

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What have we been doing the past 8 months?  Turns out, not much, but we'll tell you about it anyway.

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On this episode, we recount our previous 3 weeks that were apparently more important than you.  Benji discusses his encounter with road rage and an actual concert in Covid central.  Chad takes time to make and consume an entire pie during the recording, and Scott is apparently for the birds.  Plus, we discuss anti-semitic actors and football players, why Patrick Mahomes is worth more than the rest of Kansas City combined and we rehash our latest guy's movie night with FOP Will Blanchard.

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In this episode, we discuss the news, Covid concerns and our hometown's newfound illness fame, and we talk about Scott's ineptness with electronics.  We spend a bit of time with your latest streaming options and then we dig in to "The Greasy Strangler".  Will Scott ascend to the throne of awfulness or will Chad protect his crown?

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In this episode, we ignore all of the horrific world events and talk Pocket City, Animal Crossing, Chad sneaks in whines about Inside Out and Lost and we abuse Nickelback.  Plus, we watch what may be the worst homework assignment ever. 

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In this episode, Benji stops being a leach on society, Chad explains why he spent so much time on his hands and knees and Scott takes care of a pesky hangnail.  Plus, we talk movies, dissect homework and recount our special evening watching "Fateful Findings" with FOP Brad to the Bone.

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In this episode, we go in depth on our thoughts on the future of movie theaters, analyze our return to some normalcy and how we think it's going and touch on whether Sam Elliot is cool enough to save a dull movie. 

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In this episode, we, along with listeners, berate Scott for selecting what could possibly be the worst movie ever made for homework.  We discuss returning a bit to normal life, run down our movies and hear some listener mail.  Also, Scott's still the worst.

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In this episode, Chad decides to gross out not only his friends but the listening audience as well with what he had done that day.  We discuss all things quarantine, the re-opening of the state, and we make a phony homework assignment that you definitely shouldn't do since it's no longer available.  Plus, we talk movies, television, receive a very special phone call from a listener who makes some salient points about Chad and we hit the homework.  Plus, you can hear how Scott's son tried to kill Chad.  All this, plus Andy Rooney!

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In this episode, we recount the fascinating details of our week of lockdown.  We actually bring news to the table, Scott makes a ridiculously crude joke that costs us our sponsor and we talk Last Blood, Bad Boys for Life and a bunch of other movies.  Plus, we delve into what could possibly be the worst homework assignment of all time.


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In this episode, Benji accuses Star Trek of plagiarism, we recap yet another week weak, discuss our new trivia endeavor and revisit some old movies that we watched.  Plus, we got discuss homework for the first time in, like, forever!  And we have a new phone number that can be ignored as easily as our email address!

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In this episode, we're all still stranded at home.  Chad and Scott make fun of Benji for dropping too much money to watch Trolls World Tour, we discuss more Tiger King and Benji discusses the emotional scarring caused by CBS's nighttime schedule.  Plus, we see the RETURN OF HOMEWORK!!!!!

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It took the end of the world to get us back together!  What have we been doing for the past year?  Turns out, not too much.  But we decide to offer a ray of sunshine (or cloud darkening your day, depending on your perspective) by reuniting, and it feels so good.  We talk quarantine, Tiger King and other things that vaguely rhyme.  See ya next year!

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We're back to discuss Chad's trip to Vegas, Benji's experience with a year long squatter and Scott's...uh...height?  Chad and Scott have to try to decipher Benji's handwriting as we yet again have our annual Fantasy Baseball analysis.  And we re-introduce a character who finally offers what the world has been crying out for:  A recurring character for Benji!  All this, plus a taste test, douchebags and a look at "Us" and "Captain Marvel".

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In this episode, we recap the Oscars, Benji whines about Lady Gaga, the boys prepare for Captain Marvel and we bring back Homework!  Plus, a taste test and a surprising reacharound.  As if there were any other kind!

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In this episode, we recount the sad results of last episode's death nut challenge.  We discuss Liam Neeson in "Mr. Plow:  The Movie", we talk declining property values and Benji and Scott relive their youth with some throwback music.  Plus, we bring back homework!   At least for one episode!

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In this special episode, Scott forces us to face the Death Nut Challenge.  It goes about as well as you'd expect.  Don't look for Scott in future episodes.

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After a brief prolonged hiatus, we've finally returned to regale you with inanity.  Chad recounts his failure to shake up the electoral process, Benji continues the tales of his never ending kidney woes and Scott does stuff.  We talk a crap-ton of movies and television, hit a few books, and Benji makes a peace offering for his continuing health issues, one which he's willing to offer to you, too.  All that and a return of our beloved douchebag Chris Brown!

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In this episode, we finally get all three guys back in the same room for the first time in four months.  This podcast serves as proof of life for Benji after his surgery, Chad is still pursuing his dreams of being a sleazy politician (apologies for the redundancy) and Scott flashes some new ink.  The guys recap what they've done with their time off, recount a ton of movies and television shows and once again two thirds don't prepare news items.  Plus, we read the tons of emails that we received lamenting our long absence.

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In this episode Benji and Scott recount their trip to see "Weird" Al Yankovic in concert, including Scott's up close and personal encounter with a jumbo sized fan and Chad continues to lobby to win the coveted podcast endorsement for his campaign.  Plus, we review the recently watched "Rampage".  All that and a special cameo from your favorite "Zootopia" star.

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The fellas embrace their porcine nature, leaving Benji behind to try to soldier on.  Fortunately, we get a visit from Whatshishead.  We discuss digital vs. physical, talk Black Panther and rail once again against lousy movie theaters.  Plus, a short term return of Tales from the Theater!

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In this episode, Benji holds pointless grudges against Chad and Scott for screwing up trivia answers even though they still won.  We talk sexy fishmen and singing circus folk.  And we finally set the details for our mini-fig giveaway.  Hurry up and enter!

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We finally do Christmas!  Plus, Scott and Benji recount their regional wrestling experiences, we catch up on movies that should have been covered a long time ago, and we recap our top five films of 2017.  Plus, the grand unveiling of the 3D figures from the last episode.

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The boys hit a breaking point as they discuss "Wonder".  Plus, they recap their visit to have full body scans, Benji's unfortunate Sloth-ing, Chad's irrational hatred of "Inside Out", and Benji talks "Coco".  Plus, we hear from an old friend and discuss a new enemy.

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In this episode, for everyone except Ashton, we discuss the latest Thor, talk the downfall of Hollywood and examine familial relations in Oklahoma. 

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In this episode, Chad and Scott go toe to toe over Blade Runner 2049, we discuss the doucehbag that is Harvey Weinstein, Benji reads about being funny even if he isn't funny himself and a long-held belief about Jenny may or may not be crushed.

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In our first ever on the road episode, we come fresh out of a screening of "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" and record a mobile podcast review.  And we didn't do this just to justify the purchase of a mobile recorder.

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In this episode, Scott recaps "It", we talk our weeks, Benji recounts his visit to a local business and Chad mocks everyone mercilessly.

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In this episode, Benji is once again let down by Chad and Scott.  Then we talk movies and life and stuff, decide it might be time to bring back a long-dormant segment and offer a very special reacharound.

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In this very belated episode, we have another bout of computer issues, causing lots of piecing together for editing.  But here we are, over a month later, with our latest round of inanity.  We talk bunches of movies, recap our 4th of July and talk other outdated stuff.

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In this episode, Chad and Scott recap their adventures at ComiCon, Benji laments the lack of attention for our new show (The Smoking Chihuahua Sketch Comedy Show) and Scott gets the ever loving crap beaten out of him.  Plus, we guard galaxies while we talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and we do our annual summer movie preview.

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In this episode, we make a very special announcement regarding our podcast family.  Chad and Scott talk being Fast and Furious and Chad establishes himself as the worst person ever.  Though Scott makes his own case. 

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In this episode, we announce our big, grand prize winners of our contest!  Or losers, depending on how you look at it.  We also talk Oscars, Get Out, Logan and Kong: Skull Island.  Plus, we find out who's been listening in and you hear the story of the origin of the show.  All this, plus death by porn! 

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In this episode, Benji introduces us to his new Alexa, the guys discuss the Super Bowl and Lady Gaga and they go in depth on John Wick Chapter 2, Split and Lego Batman.  Plus, we bring homework back to life for at least a little while longer and rant about the usual douchebags.  Plus other stuff.

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In this episode, we recount the damage done by one day of frisbee golfing, we discuss Trump's inauguration and we talk movies.  Plus, we argue whether Lou Gehrig really was that lucky and Benji offers an unexpected reacharound.

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In this episode, we work through myriad technical difficulties to deliver yet another mediocre dose of entertainment.  We realize that Benji truly can't do any kind of accent, we talk our holidays and we revisit Sing and La La Land.  Plus, we put down a once vibrant segment and we follow up with Jesse's Girl.

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In this very special Christmas episode, we talk Star Wars: Rogue One and do our annual holiday gift exchange.  Plus, we continue to mock Scott's wonky pancreas.

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Everyone kisses and makes up, Benji discusses his lack of observation and the resulting bodily pain and Scott reveals his latest malady.  Sadly, Chad's the only fairly healthy one on the show.  We discuss our pains, our week and our watchings.  Plus, a non-political douchebag and a very special reacharound.

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The end of the world is nigh!  That doesn't stop us from ranting about the election, recounting our strange encounters with a certain doctor, or Reaching Jack.  Plus, an odd outtake from Hacksaw Ridge.  And, Benji tells of his World Series adventures and celebrates your world champion Chicago Cubs!

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In this episode, we welcome back Mr. Will Blanchard, one of our top 15 all time favorite guests.  We talk politics, movies, Will's far more promising career and we finally offer up the coveted Chihuahua endorsement (Spoiler: Trump has demanded we be boycotted and Clinton orchestrated the firebombing of our studio).  We also break with traditional format and somehow survive.

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In this episode, we sadly mourn the passing of Benji's column, then get on to talking about the news of the week.  There's another bi-partisan political rant, we discuss "The Magnificent Seven" and introduce the most disgusting Muppet ever imagined.

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The fellas return.  Chad laments the death of his beloved Sooners, Benji celebrates the continuing success of the Cubs and Scott,uh, is Scott.  We talk movies, some television, one of us offers up news, and a plethora of douchebags.  Plus, Benji competes on American Ninja Warrior.

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Holiday weekend interfered with recording, but we're offering you this little labor day gift to tide you over.  Scott, once again performing stand up.  Let's hope he doesn't get tired of this or we may have to record more episodes.

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So we were gone for a bit.  But we're back, and we recount all of the things that were more important than recording for our loyal listeners.  Chad and Scott discuss their adventures in Spamalot, we talk Pokemon Go and we catch up on a lot of movies.  Plus, we may or may not have watched the homework during our 6 year break and we taste test the worst sodas created by man. 

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In this episode, we finally get back together to talk Warcraft, Finding Dory and Independence Day: Resurgence.   Chad sucks all the joy out of film watching with his calculations and formulas and Benji offers something else for free!

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In this episode, we talk politics, television and books.  We discuss "The Nice Guys" and the latest "X-Men", and we bring back an old segment.  Plus, Chad has some crotchal issues.

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It's Captain America: Civil War time!  Scott takes offense from Benji's Marvel movie rankings, we talk douchebags and find inappropriate humor in Nazi holocaust dramas.  Plus, Benji quits!

Direct download: episode207.mp3
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In this episode, we discuss "The Huntsman", "Keanu" and Benji talks his latest terrible trip to the Regal Northstar 14.  Plus, we do our annual summer preview and we talk douchebags and a multi-armed reacharound.

Direct download: episode206.mp3
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We're finally back!  In this episode, we discuss the multitude of movies we've missed, take a hard look at the homework and offer a couple of listener specific reacharounds.  Plus, Benji's secret comes out and he is mocked mercilessly.

Direct download: episode205.mp3
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It's back and badder than ever.

Direct download: nerdychihuahua.mp3
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In this episode, Scott bails on us for Bruce Springsteen, so Chad and Benji talk movies and stuff.  We also have a return of a missing segment.

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In this episode, Chad recounts his trivia prowess, Scott discusses his root canal and Benji takes up space.  The guys discuss Deadpool and Race and Benji talks about watching Scott's favorite movie.  Plus, a douchebag and a piece of news with a local flair.

Direct download: episode203.mp3
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In this episode, the mind is boggled as we try to figure out the probability of one of our news stories.  We talk Joplin's Bonnie and Clyde and why they should never be compared to Bonnie and Clyde.  Benji recounts Kung Fu Panda 3 and Hail Ceasar! and is chastised for daring to try to include his wife in his television choices.  And douchebags.

Direct download: episode202.mp3
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In this episode, Benji talks about grifting the Regal 14, Chad recounts his father's traumatic bear rape and Benji explains why he watched Dirty Grandpa.  Plus, Scott declares his candidacy for President, with a rock solid platform where he addresses all of the issues.

Direct download: episode201.mp3
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In our supersized and long anticipated 200th episode, we do not one, not two but three scripted bits!  We discuss Star Wars, the Hateful 8, The Revenant, bear rape, butthole tickling and everything in between.  Plus, Chad and Scott vent about their latest horrible, horrible experience at the Regal Northstar 14.

Direct download: episode200.mp3
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STAR WARS!  Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars.  Also, Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars and Star Wars.  Don't forget Star Wars, with a little dose of Star Wars.  Plus, Christmas Gift Exchange, which includes some Star Wars.

Direct download: episode199.mp3
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In this episode, Benji runs through the dozen or so movies he watched at the theater over the past couple of weeks, the guys discuss their Thanksgiving and Black Friday experiences and they discuss Creed in depth.  Plus, Chad rants about his Wal Mart encounter with the unanimous DB of the week winner.

Direct download: episode198.mp3
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Since we're already late uploading, we'll keep the description short.  Mockingjay Part 2, Mad Max, Jessica Jones...and Chad draws the most offensive picture in our podcast history.

Direct download: episode197.mp3
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In this episode, we talk "Spectre" and "Peanuts" and realize they are essentially the same movie.  Benji and Scott argue the virtues of "Spectre" versus "Mission: Impossible 5" and we discuss douchebags, news stories and a reacharound 800,000 strong.

Direct download: episode195.mp3
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In this episode, we discuss "Bridge of Spies", "Steve Jobs", "Walking Dead", all things "Star Wars" and the usual gang of douchebags.  Plus, Chad and Scott snub Benji for a planned movie marathon and Chad's back gives out halfway through the episode.  Bask in his pain!

Direct download: episode194.mp3
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In this episode, Chad and Scott discuss The Martian and berate Benji for not watching it.  Benji talks Sicario and The Walk and celebrates all things Chicago Cubs.  Plus, Chad says inappropriate things in front of his class.

Direct download: episode193.mp3
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In this belated episode, we discuss Black Mass, Everest, The Muppets and other stuff. 

Direct download: episode192.mp3
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In this episode, Chad and Scott are fresh off of their death march to Benji's house.  Chad doesn't watch anything, Scott's still bitter about his inability to use his phone and Benji remains awesome.  We talk "Transporter Refueled", "The Visit" and the scourge of old lady butt.  Plus, Chad shares a very personal douchebag.

Direct download: episode191.mp3
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In this episode, two of us undertand the concept of group text messages and one of us couldn't be bothered to show up.  So Chad and I soldier on and give an in depth look at the upcoming movie season, building up to the latest Star Wars.  Plus, we talk far more baseball and football than would ever be allowed if Scott where here.  For two folks, we talked a long time.

Direct download: episode190.mp3
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In this episode, we talk two movies, one atrocious and one surprisingly good.  We determine that Fantastic Four is probably the worst big screen adaptation ever, but we all kinda liked Straight Outta Compton.  Because Benji's a whining baby, we have to shorten the show a bit, but we still make time to hear from Sorry Sarah and we throw out a major douchebag.  Plus, Scott drops some mad beats.

Direct download: episode189.mp3
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In this episode, the guys have a particularly disturbing series of animal news stories, they debate the correct pronunciation of "Ogle" and Benji defends his viewing of "Pixels".  They also discuss the latest "Mission: Impossible" and Benji rants about the utter incompetence of the Regal Northstar 14.  Again.  Plus, we talk Cecil the Lion and Benji and Chad manage to watch all of the homework assignment, although they had to split the duties.

Direct download: episode188.mp3
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In this episode, Scott abandons us for warmer climes, so Benji and Chad carry on.  We talk Minions, Ant-Man and finally talk homework.  We also discuss douchebags, with a very special return from one of our favorites.  Plus, Chad dwells on an unfortunate problem.

Direct download: episode187.mp3
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In this episode, Scott's microphone is turned off (no one has admitted responsibility), but we still talk Jurassic World and the usual nonsense.  Chad recounts his travels to New York and Scott disses on Nebraska.  Benji is his usual boring self.

Direct download: episode185.mp3
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In this belated episode, the boys recap their previous two weeks and announce a very important change to the show.  Plus we discuss San Andreas, Tomorrowland, Zombeavers and Scrotal Recall. Don't forget about the douchebags and reacharounds!

Direct download: episode184.mp3
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In this episode, we ramble about Mad Max and Pitch Perfect 2, talk news stories, throw out some douchebags and compete with each other to see who can be the worst personn ever (spoiler:  Chad always wins).

Direct download: episode183.mp3
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In another short handed episode you get two hosts for the price of three as Scott bails on us.  Chad and Benji discuss Home, Star Wars and flash back to theater days.  Plus, douchebags and Benji gets limber.

Direct download: episode181.mp3
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In this episode, we go it without Chad, but we valiantly soldier on.  We discuss "Home", "Unfriended" and recommend a new podcast.  Plus, we taste test a  new item and Benji cracks some horribly inappropriate jokes.

Direct download: episode180.mp3
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In this episode, we discuss crappy video on demand, Chad and Scott geek out over Daredevil, we completely ignore homework and we have our best taste test ever.  Plus, a very dramatic reading by Scott.

Direct download: episode179.mp3
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In this episode, we expand our profile by becoming a part of a documentary centered around the kind of geekery we specialize in.  We discuss Fast 7, or Furious 7, or Faster and Furiouser...or whatever.  Benji throws out a trio of Opening Day related douchebags and Scott and Benji make horrible, horrible jokes.  With special guest T. Rob Brown.

Direct download: episode178.mp3
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In this episode, very special guest Ellie Ann drops by to show us what a real writer looks like.  We discuss her work, she offers an impassioned defense of E. L. James and shames the boys for liking James Bond.  We learn of other ways to entertain ducks and we discuss Benji's awful, awful handwriting.  Plus, Ellie Ann critiques Chad's writing and Benji complains about not drafting any Cubs.

Direct download: episode177.mp3
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After a merciful break from our annoyances, we are back with a vengeance.  Scott recounts his losing battle with black ice, Chad talks abou his adventures at Planet ComiCon and Benji apparenly watched every movie and television show out there.  Plus, we skip news and talk douchebags.  Hope you missed us, 'cause we're back with one of our longest episodes yet...

Direct download: episode175.mp3
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In this episode we recount our visit to see "Kingsman", Benji registers his indifference toward "Divergent" and Chad thinks Benji's an idiot for liking the new "SpongBob" movie.  Plus, Scott goes cookie crazy and we have a very special Reacharound.

Direct download: episode174.mp3
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In this episode, we make up for a missed week by rambling on for record time.  We talk Brian Williams (both good and bad), discuss Project Almanac and the latest SpongeBob movie and examine the inherent racism of Fred Astaire movies.  Plus, Benji continues to geek out over 30 Rock and we may actually have made plans for ComicCon.




Direct download: episode173.mp3
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I dropped the ball on the editing, thus making the last episode's title make no sense at all.  So, I offer the intro that should have been. 

Direct download: effectsheavy.mp3
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In this, a slightly abbreviated episode, the guys have to bust it to get this show recorded under the wire.  But that doesn't keep us from discussing Paddington, American Sniper and Mortdecai, each special in their own way.  Plus, we rail on the incompetence of Joplin's city council because everyone loves to hear very specific complaints about a place they don't live.  And Benji once again whines about the Regal Northstar 14.


Direct download: episode172.mp3
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In this episode, Benji meets his very special counterpart, Scott talks Inherent Vice and the Chad continues to be on the wrong side of the Penn State argument.  Plus, douchebags and reacharounds for all!




Direct download: episode171.mp3
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In this episode, we prove ourselves to be some of the worst people you'd ever hope to meet.  We discuss Taken 3 and Boyhood and once again discuss the douchiness of the Biebs.  And we continue to ignore the Fantasy Football League.

Direct download: episode170.mp3
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In this episode, we learn how not to get locked inside an unlocked closet.  Benji reveals the fear of The Babadook, Chad makes the mistake of visiting the Northstar 14 and we discuss our New Year's adventures.  Plus, we ignore fantasy football and beg for validation.

Direct download: episode169.mp3
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In this episode, we learn of some special resolutions, discuss natural selection and talk about all forms of Interview related idiocy.  Plus, Benji begrudgingly admits that Scott was right (although not officially on the show) and we recap a wild game night in which Benji embraces his dormant inner geek.

Direct download: episode168.mp3
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In our latest Super Special Christmas Spectacular, we have another visit from the clones, Chad and Scott discuss the latest Hobbit and Benji recounts another "rustic" visit to Branson.  All this leads up to our fourth annual Christmas gift exchange and possibly the worst holiday taste test ever.  All this, plus a guy screws a pig.  What more could you ask for this holiday season?

Direct download: episode167.mp3
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Back to normal, as Benji spends the first portion of the show cursing Wavepad and their lousy customer service.  We talk Exodus, hit on Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games part 17 and discuss the holiday season.  Plus, we have clones and douchebags.

Direct download: episode166.mp3
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We're back and we're refreshed.  In this episode, we discuss Thanksgiving, what we've been up to with our time and a handful of new movies.  We also talk why it is a bad idea to be alone with Bill Cosby and geek out over the potential of the new Star Wars teaser trailer.  Plus, we make grand promises about the long gestating Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua novel.  And if you haven't downloaded the teaser short story, make sure you grab it while it's still free.

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In this episode, the boys discuss Big Hero 6, talk books, The Princess Bride, and The Hobbit.  Plus, we misidentify Ashton's phone call, because it's what we do, and we have a sneak winner douchebag who out Bieber's Bieber.

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In this episode, the show returns to a more normal length after our extra long special guest filled last show.  We talk beastiality, Halloween, Daylight Savings and douchebags.  Benji talks St. Vincent and Life after Beth and we once again mis-identify our caller.

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This, our longest episode yet, is taken over by special guests Sorry Sarah and the Emperor.  We discuss Chad's foray into acting, Scott's vomiting of words and Benji's Princess Bride geekery.  We debate just how horrible a person Will is (and misidentify his phone call) and taste test most of Chad's kitchen.  Plus, we talk Fury, the latest Avengers trailer and a very special animal lover. All this plus Florida Marlins guy.

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In this episode, we worry about Chad's continual issues with violence, we discuss the world's worst human being, Benji gushes over Chef and we begin working on the sequel to one of the greatest motion pictures ever made.

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In this episode, we barely discuss Gone Girl because two of the three can't sacrifice their precious time for you.  We also hear about round two of Scott vs. Kidney Stones (spoiler: Scott loses). We discuss Chad's upcoming play, gush over the Royals' playoff run and actually remember the homework this week.  All this, plus douchebags and a lame football update.

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In this episode, we discuss The Boxtrolls, discuss playoff baseball, talk Chad's adventures with inappropriate texts and hear from our esteemed comissioner Little Lumpkin.  Plus, we completely forget to mention homework and we show solidarity for a podcasting brother.

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In this episode, Scott recounts traumatic childhood memories, we discuss A Walk Among the Tombstones, we receive our first ever listener phone call and have a sort of fantasy football update.  Plus, we learn the name of the Kansas City Royals base coach and we sort of do homework.

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Hey!  We have a phone number!  Call us at 206-736-2267

In this episode, we return from Chad's illness to offer up our longest show yet.  Will Blanchard joins us to look back on three long, long years.  We discuss Piranha Sharks, the douchiness of Screech from Saved by the Bell and we talk sports of all kinds.  Plus, another failed homework assignment and a special reacharound involving Justin Bieber.

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After a very brief hiatus, the boys are back and badder than ever.  In this episode, they reveal the true reason behind the podcast shutdown, they take the ALS ice bucket challenge and they talk about what the heck they've been doing and watching for the past three weeks.  Plus, the return of Chihuahua Fantasy Football Leage and a special taste test.

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Two Nerdy Chihuahuas in one week?  You must've been extra good.  This time, Chad talks Tsuro, King of Tokyo and Tapple.  

Chad geeks out on more board games.

Apologies in advance for the sound quality on this episode.  Contrary to what you might think, we didn't actually record this over the phone.  We appear to have been having equipment issues.  We'll try to get it fixed for the next episode.  On this show, we discuss "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Sharknado", share in the joys of homework, Scott hates on Ashton and we see the return of the Bieber.  

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In this episode, our intrepid trio discuss Hercules, talk douchebags, offer up a gentle reach around and engage in general stupidity.  Plus, return of the Homework!

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