Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, we learn of some special resolutions, discuss natural selection and talk about all forms of Interview related idiocy.  Plus, Benji begrudgingly admits that Scott was right (although not officially on the show) and we recap a wild game night in which Benji embraces his dormant inner geek.

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In our latest Super Special Christmas Spectacular, we have another visit from the clones, Chad and Scott discuss the latest Hobbit and Benji recounts another "rustic" visit to Branson.  All this leads up to our fourth annual Christmas gift exchange and possibly the worst holiday taste test ever.  All this, plus a guy screws a pig.  What more could you ask for this holiday season?

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Back to normal, as Benji spends the first portion of the show cursing Wavepad and their lousy customer service.  We talk Exodus, hit on Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games part 17 and discuss the holiday season.  Plus, we have clones and douchebags.

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In this episode, we record and abandon an intro due to audio quality.  Then we cross our fingers and hope that the audio is good enough to be listenable as we scramble to find a new audio program for next week.  Plus, we discuss a crap ton of movies, Chad and Scott ignore the homework, we meet the worst person in the world this side of Justin Bieber and Benji comes out pro-Taser when it comes to texting in movies.  Plus, a very special surprise for all of our listeners (or at least for the next five days *hint*hint*).

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We're back and we're refreshed.  In this episode, we discuss Thanksgiving, what we've been up to with our time and a handful of new movies.  We also talk why it is a bad idea to be alone with Bill Cosby and geek out over the potential of the new Star Wars teaser trailer.  Plus, we make grand promises about the long gestating Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua novel.  And if you haven't downloaded the teaser short story, make sure you grab it while it's still free.

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In this episode, the boys discuss Big Hero 6, talk books, The Princess Bride, and The Hobbit.  Plus, we misidentify Ashton's phone call, because it's what we do, and we have a sneak winner douchebag who out Bieber's Bieber.

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In this episode, the show returns to a more normal length after our extra long special guest filled last show.  We talk beastiality, Halloween, Daylight Savings and douchebags.  Benji talks St. Vincent and Life after Beth and we once again mis-identify our caller.

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This, our longest episode yet, is taken over by special guests Sorry Sarah and the Emperor.  We discuss Chad's foray into acting, Scott's vomiting of words and Benji's Princess Bride geekery.  We debate just how horrible a person Will is (and misidentify his phone call) and taste test most of Chad's kitchen.  Plus, we talk Fury, the latest Avengers trailer and a very special animal lover. All this plus Florida Marlins guy.

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In this episode, we worry about Chad's continual issues with violence, we discuss the world's worst human being, Benji gushes over Chef and we begin working on the sequel to one of the greatest motion pictures ever made.

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In this episode, we barely discuss Gone Girl because two of the three can't sacrifice their precious time for you.  We also hear about round two of Scott vs. Kidney Stones (spoiler: Scott loses). We discuss Chad's upcoming play, gush over the Royals' playoff run and actually remember the homework this week.  All this, plus douchebags and a lame football update.

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In this episode, we discuss The Boxtrolls, discuss playoff baseball, talk Chad's adventures with inappropriate texts and hear from our esteemed comissioner Little Lumpkin.  Plus, we completely forget to mention homework and we show solidarity for a podcasting brother.

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In this episode, Scott recounts traumatic childhood memories, we discuss A Walk Among the Tombstones, we receive our first ever listener phone call and have a sort of fantasy football update.  Plus, we learn the name of the Kansas City Royals base coach and we sort of do homework.

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Hey!  We have a phone number!  Call us at 206-736-2267

In this episode, we return from Chad's illness to offer up our longest show yet.  Will Blanchard joins us to look back on three long, long years.  We discuss Piranha Sharks, the douchiness of Screech from Saved by the Bell and we talk sports of all kinds.  Plus, another failed homework assignment and a special reacharound involving Justin Bieber.

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After a very brief hiatus, the boys are back and badder than ever.  In this episode, they reveal the true reason behind the podcast shutdown, they take the ALS ice bucket challenge and they talk about what the heck they've been doing and watching for the past three weeks.  Plus, the return of Chihuahua Fantasy Football Leage and a special taste test.

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Two Nerdy Chihuahuas in one week?  You must've been extra good.  This time, Chad talks Tsuro, King of Tokyo and Tapple.  

Chad geeks out on more board games.

Apologies in advance for the sound quality on this episode.  Contrary to what you might think, we didn't actually record this over the phone.  We appear to have been having equipment issues.  We'll try to get it fixed for the next episode.  On this show, we discuss "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Sharknado", share in the joys of homework, Scott hates on Ashton and we see the return of the Bieber.  

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In this episode, our intrepid trio discuss Hercules, talk douchebags, offer up a gentle reach around and engage in general stupidity.  Plus, return of the Homework!

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In this episode, Chad experiences the new roundabout, we discuss Sex Tape, Top Secret! and have a special taste test.  Plus, Justin Bieber returns and we offer a heartfelt reacharound.  All this and a loving memory from Will.

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In this episode, we dissect Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, learn about a whole new color, an unconventional STD treatment and talk the usual.  Plus, Benji is too stupid to plug in part of the equipment, but realizes it before the show goes on too long.

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In this episode, we celebrate our freedom from World Cup soccer, discuss Roger Ebert and throwback cinema, and visit some particularly awful douchebags.  Plus, we offer Ashton some love advice and the boys abuse Will one more time.

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In this episode, we discuss how bad Transformers:  Age of Extinction is.  I mean, how really, really bad.  How totally awful, how atrocious, how unbearably painful it  is.  Seriously, it is terrible.  Plus, Benji mocks Chad's choice in clothing, we revisit a couple of douchebags and offer a hearty reacharound.  All this and the greatest baby name ever!

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In this episode, we neglect the clones, force out another lame intro, discuss 22 Jump Street and The Grand Budapest Hotel, and talk guns and God.  Plus, douchebags and the return of Sorry Sarah.

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In this episode, we compare How to Train Your Dragon 2 to Free Birds, discuss the Doucebaggery of Justin Bieber, offer a very special reach around to one bright actor and we re-live theater days.  Plus, the return of the clones.

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In this episode, the clones return and Benji cries, we discuss the lengths one would go to in order to retrieve an Iphone, the depths of a mother's love, and how Tom Cruise can still make a good movie even though he's nuts.  Plus, reacharounds, Tales from the Theater and the return of the Bieber.

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In this episode, we discuss George Brett, A Million Ways to Die in the West, and the awfulness of the Chicago Cubs and Kansas City Royals.  Plus, douchebags, Will whines and Ashton offers a special kind of love to LeVar Burton

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We're back!  After a week in which no one bothered to notice we were gone, we've returned with fresh tales of pop culture frivolity.  We discuss Godzilla and the new X-Men, talk douchebags and give ourselves a hand.  Plus, Chad has a new card game and we hate pointless graduations!

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In this episode, we talk about how an untimely death sheds a light on the indifference of our local movie theater.  Benji and Scott talk Neighbors, and Chad gives an unfortunate Reacharound.  All this, plus Douchebags!

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Third, fourth or fifth time is the charm....

Direct download: ep141.mp3
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In this episode, we discuss plans for getting into shape, spoil Amazing Spider-Man 2, talk douchebags, and Chad recounts a Tales from the Theater in which he was the DB of the week.  All this, plus the Attack of the Clones.

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In this episode, another of Chad’s hair brained schemes backfires, we discuss older movies, check in on the Oscar Pistorius trial, and visit our Tales from the Theater.  Plus, douchebags galore!

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In this episode, we discuss Heaven is for Real, talk the worst ways to commit suicide, Scott receives a very uncomfortable phone call, and we talk douchebags.  Plus, we undergo an idiotic exercise in masochism at the end of the show.  Play along at home!

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After a quick week off, we return wtih more inanity and stupidity.  This week we talk Captain America and Draft Day, recount what we did with our time off, and throw out a few douchebags.  Plus, Benji's computer fritzes again, meaning you won't have to hear him ramble for too long about his week off.

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In this episode, we discuss Noah, Scott recounts his adventure with kidney stones and law enforcement, and we completely neglect to mention that it was his birthday.  Plus, Benji recounts his lifelong vendetta against his hand.

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In this episode, Scott wusses out because he's stoned (in the worst possible way), so Benji and Chad must carry the load.  We discuss Comicon, Frozen, Muppets and share another installment of Tales of the Theater.  Plus, the return of the Bieber.

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In this episode, we learn about Benji’s secret double life, Chad and Scott geek out over their impending Comicon trip, we discuss Need for Speed and wax poetic about John McTiernan.  Plus, Justin Bieber isn’t a douce!  At least for one week.

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In this episode, Scott reveals his ingenious way to benefit from Daylight Savings Time, we discuss Mr. Peabody and Sherman and find out what it would be like if Benji were on The Walking Dead.  Plus, we lose a section where Chad and Benji talk basketball due to Benji's acient computer.  All this, plus Justin Bieber's still a douchebag.

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In this episode, we take binge watching to the extreme, discuss some of the best of Netflix, and offer up a douchebag.  Plus, Benji defends the Oscars and tells another very special Tales from the Theater.

Direct download: episode134.mp3
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In this episode, the guys spend 45 minutes ragging on each other.  Plus, we discuss movies and douchebags.  Also, another Tales from the Theater and the inaugural Scott Meeker's Tales from Taco Bell.

Direct download: episode133.mp3
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In this episode, Chad gets his Cumberbatch on, we call FOP Will Blanchard out for being a liar, talk Robocop and Winter's Tale, adn revist the Tales from the Theater.  Plus, Justin Bieber is a douchebag...just because.

Direct download: episode132.mp3
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In this episode, we discuss the Lego Movie, bring back the ever popular Bieber Douchebag, talk classic movies and harken back to simpler times wit another Tales from the Theater.  

Direct download: episode131.mp3
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In this episode, we discuss Chad's 40th birthday celebration, talk "Labor Day", hear about a clothing adverse patron from movie theater days and bring Justin Bieber back to defend his douchebag.  Plus, a reacharound to a very special newlywed.

Direct download: episode130.mp3
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In this episode, we discuss The Spectacular Now, the return of the Bieber, Chad's Downton Abbey obsession and we have a return of the Tales from the Theater.  All this plus a very special reacharound.

Direct download: episode129.mp3
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In this episde, the guys coin yet another colorful and highly inappropriate term, they discuss "Her", "Jack Ryan", "Lone Survivor" and Scott explores the shady world of Reddit movie watching.  Plus, alternative uses for cheese, Justin Bieber is still a douche, fun with penis pumps, and they try a new board game.  All this, and another movie theater storytime, just for Ashton.

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In this episode, Scott takes a bit of a hiatus to do actual work related stuff, so Benji and Chad pick up the slack in discussing alternate uses for ceramic squirrels, the proper labeling of Nike shoes, throw another bone Justin Bieber's way, and enjoy contributions from listeners regarding the douchocity of Michael Bay.  Plus, they talk about movies and stuff.

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In this episode, we give Justin Bieber a very rare double award, talk Wolf of Wall Street and Secret Life of Walter Mitty, listen to Scott's really boring story about his car problems and one of us has the munchies.

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