Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

We're back to discuss Chad's trip to Vegas, Benji's experience with a year long squatter and Scott's...uh...height?  Chad and Scott have to try to decipher Benji's handwriting as we yet again have our annual Fantasy Baseball analysis.  And we re-introduce a character who finally offers what the world has been crying out for:  A recurring character for Benji!  All this, plus a taste test, douchebags and a look at "Us" and "Captain Marvel".

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In this episode, we recap the Oscars, Benji whines about Lady Gaga, the boys prepare for Captain Marvel and we bring back Homework!  Plus, a taste test and a surprising reacharound.  As if there were any other kind!

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In this episode, we recount the sad results of last episode's death nut challenge.  We discuss Liam Neeson in "Mr. Plow:  The Movie", we talk declining property values and Benji and Scott relive their youth with some throwback music.  Plus, we bring back homework!   At least for one episode!

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In this special episode, Scott forces us to face the Death Nut Challenge.  It goes about as well as you'd expect.  Don't look for Scott in future episodes.

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After a brief prolonged hiatus, we've finally returned to regale you with inanity.  Chad recounts his failure to shake up the electoral process, Benji continues the tales of his never ending kidney woes and Scott does stuff.  We talk a crap-ton of movies and television, hit a few books, and Benji makes a peace offering for his continuing health issues, one which he's willing to offer to you, too.  All that and a return of our beloved douchebag Chris Brown!

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