Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

As a placeholder until our regular episode hits in a day or two, we offer you this, a recap of our greatest moments of 2013.  Happy New Year, suckers!

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In this episode, Chad makes his triumphant return, we sample exotic wares from far east and slightly north, debate The Hobbit, discuss Anchorman 2 and make Chad an honorary Douchebag and Reacharound winner.  Plus, it’s our annual gift exchange!  

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In this episode, Scott and Benji soldier on without their missing compatriot.  They discuss the latest Hobbit, the Coen Brothers, talk Christmas, ignore Itunes feedback yet again and recognize two very deserving fellas for a Reacharound.  

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In this episode, Scott and Benji continue to soldier on without Chad, we get a Preston Lacy update and we begin their quest to get Preston to do the show.  Plus, we talk Calvin and Hobbes and even more Breaking Bad.

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In this episode, Chad goes AWOL to watch his Chiefs lose, so Scott and Benji discuss Frozen, Amish drive-bys, Benji’s secret love of Preston Lacy, and the untimely death of Paul Walker.  Benji also does his best to alienate all the drunk driver contingent of our audience while Scott cringes, and we talk about yet another reason to hate Guasano’s Pizza.  Plus, we almost completely ignore fantasy football.

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In this pre-Thanksgiving episode, the group engages in their own form of Hunger Games, we learn what happens every time Chad is killed in an intro, discuss "The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire", talk stand up comedy and throw out a few more douchebags.  Plus:  Homework?  No, no homework.

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In this episode, we discuss unusual fetishes, rehash Scott’s first week at the new gig and talk movies. Plus, douchebags and a very special reach around.

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In this episode, we hash out Thor, discuss news, football and douchebags.

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In this episode, the boys do some trick or treating, then talk movie theater shootings, discuss "Before Midnight" and trash 3d.  Plus, we renew our membership to the Helen Hunt fan club and bring Chris Brown back to douchedom.

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In this episode, Chad returns from his football hiatus, we discuss Bad Grandpa, the flawed logic of Gremlins, and rehash television from seasons past.  Plus, douchebags, news and a very special reach around.

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On this episode, Chad abandons the podcast in order to watch his Kansas City Chiefs before the rest of the team turns their guns on either their girlfriends or themselves.  So Benji and Scott talk movies, douchebags, some Breaking Bad, the final season of The Office and just enjoy the general uninterrupted peace of no Chad.  But we do offer a reacharound to help soothe hurt feelings.

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In this episode, we exact revenge on Chad, we discuss Machete Kills and Captain Phillips, and discuss why Madonna is the scourge of the civilized world.

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In this episode, we recount theater horror stories for the week, discuss Gravity and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, delve in to Grand Theft Auto V and hear from Sorry Sarah.  Plus, douchebags, a reacharound and more of Chad Reads Insane Clown Posse Lyrics.  And, for the ladies, Benji reads dinosaur erotica.

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In this issue, we discuss the joys of food poisoning, try to figure out exactly what sound a cardinal makes, talk Battle of the Year and Kings of Summer, and dissect Breaking Bad.  Plus, we rail on Insane Clown Posse yet again, lose the slightest bit of respect for Sorry Sarah, and discuss the biggest douchebags in the country.  All this, plus Chad Breaks Bad!

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In this episode, Chad relates a life changing event he witnessed on the way to recording.  We discuss "Prisoners", as well as revisit a few old favorites.  We re-visit the stupidity of the Insane Clown Posse and offer a very special reach around down under.  

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In this episode, we talk fantasy football and Scott's amazing ability to dominate the league without any actual knowledge of the sport.  We also discuss Breaking Bad, Stories We Tell and douchebags.

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In this episode, we give the inaugural Smoking Chihuahua Fantasy Football League update, revisit Scott's bum knee, hear the story of Black Terry and White Beth, and Chad has a secret.  Plus, Riddick and douchebags.

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In this episode, we soldier on without the gimpy Scott.  Jason blows us off, we launch the inaugural Smoking Chihuahua Fantasy Football League, and Benji watches a crap ton of movies.  Plus, we try to exploit our mention on The Flop House by blatantly mentioning them in our title.

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In this episode, we learn of a disturbing new kind of ghost and the only way to get rid of it.  We record possibly the worst intro and radio drama we’ve had up to this point, and we establish the Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua fantasy football league.  Plus, we bid Scott a fond farewell, at least for a couple of weeks.  All this, movies, news and douchebags.

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In this episode, we discuss Jobs, talk drive ins, discuss fantasy baseball and fantasy football, and once again skip homework.

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In this episode, the boys whip out the race card, then get bored with it.  Plus, we discuss Elysuim, don't deliver a radio drama, and we make an important decision regarding  homework.  All this and news, douchebags and a very special reach around.

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On our spectacular two year and one week anniversary show, we discuss Benji's untimely demise, the probability of a Cub dynasty and we talk movies.  Benji bags on Smurfs 2, Chad zones out on The Wolverine and Scott comes to grips with his lack of movie exposure lately.  Plus, douchebags and reacharounds.  But alas, we forgot the homework.

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In this episode, we prepare for our big two year anniversary by not actually celebrating it.  Plus, we discuss Sharknado, Pacific Rim and Turbo.

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In this special edition, Scott and Chad recount their trip into the depths of hell.

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In this special edition, we follow Benji on his quest to be reunited with his co-hosts and find completion.  Note the stellar voice work.

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This episode, we prepare for the imminent death of Scott and Chad by discussing Despicable Me 2, The Lone Ranger and the pros and cons of getting to know your horse carnally (spoiler alert:  This episode contains a Sara Jessica Parker joke). We also discuss the price of being forgetful and get a visit from the Chihuahua mascot, Esther the cat.

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In this episode, we discuss White House Down, give a trivia update and we learn that our cinematic debut is now streaming on Netflix.  Plus, we talk about the pros and cons of bullying and give a half-hearted reach around.

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In this episode, Scott develops intimate knowledge of zombies, we discuss the negative career impact of slave themed weddings and the Muppets further encroachment into the real world.  We also discuss World War Z and Monsters University and cover homework and douchebags.

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Chad's Back!

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In our milestone episode 100, we treat the event with relative indifference, instead talking Man of Steel while Chad sits on the toilet.  We also have a record number of douchebags and reach arounds.  Plus, 100 reasons to love the Chihuahua!

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In this episode, we discuss news, get excited about our upcoming milestone episode, and Benji suffers through The Internship.  Plus, we discuss why we would never want a talking cat.

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In this episode, we rush to make deadline and meet listener expectations.  Also, we discuss Now You See Me, reminisce about Arrested Development and realize why everyone should be more like Aaron Rogers.  All this, and listener mail!

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In this episode, we spend a great deal of time discussing Fast and Furious 6 and Arrested Development.  Plus a few other things.

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In this episode we geek out on the latest Star Trek film, dissecting it to its very core, then regurgitating it for your listening pleasure (?).  We also talk the relevance of 3D, tip our caps to our latest reacharound and mercilessly chastise our douchebag nominees.

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In this episode, we discuss the art of shot gunning milkshakes, the pros and cons of large women fetish websites, and Scott comes out as a Baz Luhrman fan.  Plus, we desecrate a classic work of literature as well as a beloved romantic comedy.  All this and douchebags, reacharounds and our homework.

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In this episode, we dissect Iron Man 3, some of us dread the upcoming Great Gatsby adaptation, and completely torpedo any chances of a Kum & Go endorsement deal.  Plus, we talk naked chicks covered in fish, douchebags and a couple of reacharounds.

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In this episode, Benji and Chad rant about the death of trivia night, we discuss Pain & Gain and one of us reports on the homework assignment.  Plus, a review of Hellzapalooza!

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Once again, we visit our summer movie spectacular, counting down the highs, lows and Lone Ranger of the upcoming movie season.  Though we cut back on douchebags, we more than make up for it with our presence.

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In this episode, we introduce Benji’s latest family edition, Chad recounts uncomfortable stories from childhood and Will makes his triumphant return.  We discuss the proper amount of time to allow a movie or book to get good before abandonment, and we cover really, really old prostitutes.  Plus, douchebags and a bit of music.

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In this episode, Chad and Scott recount their Comicon 2013 adventures, we discuss the bowel movements of George Takei, debate the merits of “Evil Dead” and send a shout out to the kidlet.  Plus, douchebags and homework.


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In this episode, we recount our poker experiences from the night before, discuss the latest G.I. Joe, and wonder why Darius Rucker is suddenly everywhere.  Plus douchebags and a special reacharound.

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In this episode, we pay proper respect to the aging beauty that is Helen Hunt, we discuss Olympus Has Fallen and find an extended scene outtake, Chad whines about being whipped by Benji and Scott in the NCAA Bracket Challenge, and we discuss douchebags and homework.

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In this episode, we have a bitter battle to christen the new show pope, discuss "Oz the Great and Powerful", talk "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone", and hash out homework and douchebags.

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In this episode, we argue spoilers, discuss a truly atrocious movie, and debate the merits of not endangering our listeners' lives.  Plus, douchebags and homework.

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In this episode, we discuss our short hiatus, talk Oscars, recap the trivia night semi-final, take a look at "The Swell Season" and "Hotel Transylvania", and beep more than usual.  Plus, douchebags and homework.

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Weather, illness and little podcast gremlins have kept our crew from getting together this week.  So, to tide you over, Chad offers his take on gaming and all things nerdy.  Tune back in next week for trivia semi-final updates as well as Oscar commentary.

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In this episode, we dissect “Live Free or Die Hard”, discuss why Chad is a back-stabbing, lying weasel and start making plans for the Kansas City Comicon.  Plus, the Chihuahaus are gonna sponsor a race, we have homework and we tell you why the blade runner may truly just be misunderstood.  All this, plus return of the Chinese Delivery Guy!

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In this episode, we discuss "Identity Thief", douchebags and one hulking good fellow.  Plus, homework.

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In this special episode, we gather the scripted introductions from our first 25 episodes, a compliment to our two radio drama episodes.  And no, this is not just because no one wanted to miss the Superbowl.  Really...

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In this episode, we discuss "Movie 43", "Silver Linings Playbook", "Les Mis" and we analyze the disturbed quartet in "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".  Plus, we talk trivia night failures and the inherent risks of sex with snowmen.

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In this episode, we heap abuse on Scott, discuss trivia night, talk about "Frankenweenie" and French Stewart, and why Matthew Broderick excels at equestrian events.  Plus, a reach around for one special host.

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In this episode, we discuss Compliance, Zero Dark Thirty, Moonrise Kingdom and Gangster Squad.  Plus, we introduce our new Kid's Corner and continue our latest segment.  All this, and another contest in which a prize may or may not be awarded!

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In this episode, we discuss the return of Downton Abby, talk Pitch Perfect, and introduce a new segment.  Plus we look at those douchebags from Washington.

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