Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this very special Christmas episode, we talk Star Wars: Rogue One and do our annual holiday gift exchange.  Plus, we continue to mock Scott's wonky pancreas.

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Everyone kisses and makes up, Benji discusses his lack of observation and the resulting bodily pain and Scott reveals his latest malady.  Sadly, Chad's the only fairly healthy one on the show.  We discuss our pains, our week and our watchings.  Plus, a non-political douchebag and a very special reacharound.

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It's finally time to discuss the election, and everyone gets pissy!  But after feelings are soothed, we get down to business, discussing Arrival, Fantastic Beasts and Moana.  Plus, we pitch TLC's fall season and we get to ignore homework once again.

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The end of the world is nigh!  That doesn't stop us from ranting about the election, recounting our strange encounters with a certain doctor, or Reaching Jack.  Plus, an odd outtake from Hacksaw Ridge.  And, Benji tells of his World Series adventures and celebrates your world champion Chicago Cubs!

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In this episode, we welcome back Mr. Will Blanchard, one of our top 15 all time favorite guests.  We talk politics, movies, Will's far more promising career and we finally offer up the coveted Chihuahua endorsement (Spoiler: Trump has demanded we be boycotted and Clinton orchestrated the firebombing of our studio).  We also break with traditional format and somehow survive.

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In this episode, we sadly mourn the passing of Benji's column, then get on to talking about the news of the week.  There's another bi-partisan political rant, we discuss "The Magnificent Seven" and introduce the most disgusting Muppet ever imagined.

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The fellas return.  Chad laments the death of his beloved Sooners, Benji celebrates the continuing success of the Cubs and Scott,uh, is Scott.  We talk movies, some television, one of us offers up news, and a plethora of douchebags.  Plus, Benji competes on American Ninja Warrior.

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Holiday weekend interfered with recording, but we're offering you this little labor day gift to tide you over.  Scott, once again performing stand up.  Let's hope he doesn't get tired of this or we may have to record more episodes.

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So we were gone for a bit.  But we're back, and we recount all of the things that were more important than recording for our loyal listeners.  Chad and Scott discuss their adventures in Spamalot, we talk Pokemon Go and we catch up on a lot of movies.  Plus, we may or may not have watched the homework during our 6 year break and we taste test the worst sodas created by man. 

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In this episode, we finally get back together to talk Warcraft, Finding Dory and Independence Day: Resurgence.   Chad sucks all the joy out of film watching with his calculations and formulas and Benji offers something else for free!

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In this episode, we talk politics, television and books.  We discuss "The Nice Guys" and the latest "X-Men", and we bring back an old segment.  Plus, Chad has some crotchal issues.

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It's Captain America: Civil War time!  Scott takes offense from Benji's Marvel movie rankings, we talk douchebags and find inappropriate humor in Nazi holocaust dramas.  Plus, Benji quits!

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In this episode, we discuss "The Huntsman", "Keanu" and Benji talks his latest terrible trip to the Regal Northstar 14.  Plus, we do our annual summer preview and we talk douchebags and a multi-armed reacharound.

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We're finally back!  In this episode, we discuss the multitude of movies we've missed, take a hard look at the homework and offer a couple of listener specific reacharounds.  Plus, Benji's secret comes out and he is mocked mercilessly.

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We're almost back.  But to hold you over, here's Scott's second stand up set.  Audio should be a bit better this time, but headphones are recommended.

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It's back and badder than ever.

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Scott's Comedy Debut!  If you couldn't see it live, hear it here!  Stay with us through the audio.  We're working with limited resources.

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In this episode, Scott bails on us for Bruce Springsteen, so Chad and Benji talk movies and stuff.  We also have a return of a missing segment.

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In this episode, Chad recounts his trivia prowess, Scott discusses his root canal and Benji takes up space.  The guys discuss Deadpool and Race and Benji talks about watching Scott's favorite movie.  Plus, a douchebag and a piece of news with a local flair.

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In this episode, the mind is boggled as we try to figure out the probability of one of our news stories.  We talk Joplin's Bonnie and Clyde and why they should never be compared to Bonnie and Clyde.  Benji recounts Kung Fu Panda 3 and Hail Ceasar! and is chastised for daring to try to include his wife in his television choices.  And douchebags.

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In this episode, Benji talks about grifting the Regal 14, Chad recounts his father's traumatic bear rape and Benji explains why he watched Dirty Grandpa.  Plus, Scott declares his candidacy for President, with a rock solid platform where he addresses all of the issues.

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In our supersized and long anticipated 200th episode, we do not one, not two but three scripted bits!  We discuss Star Wars, the Hateful 8, The Revenant, bear rape, butthole tickling and everything in between.  Plus, Chad and Scott vent about their latest horrible, horrible experience at the Regal Northstar 14.

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