Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua (general)

After multiple delays, we finally get back together to record.  Benji discusses his awful couple of months, Chad and Scott recap their time as pigs, we catch up on movies and we FINALLY hold our drawing for the Timeless 3D mini figurines. 

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We visit Alcatraz, check in with Jessie's Girl and Benji talks funny.  Plus, a visit to space and we go a little Stir Crazy.

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A  belated sneak peak at our new sketch comedy podcasts.  Find more at Itunes.

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In this episode, the guys get a little too close, we reenact Life so you don't have to watch it, talk Beauty and the Beast and Benji forgets about homework once again.  Plus, the return of the king in douchebags and the annual deciphering of Benji's draft list.

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It's finally time to discuss the election, and everyone gets pissy!  But after feelings are soothed, we get down to business, discussing Arrival, Fantastic Beasts and Moana.  Plus, we pitch TLC's fall season and we get to ignore homework once again.

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We're almost back.  But to hold you over, here's Scott's second stand up set.  Audio should be a bit better this time, but headphones are recommended.

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Scott's Comedy Debut!  If you couldn't see it live, hear it here!  Stay with us through the audio.  We're working with limited resources.

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In this episode, we have an intervention with Benji, Chad and Benji argue over the merits of Inside Out and Scott and Benji dump all over Terminator Genisys.  Plus, we talk about the world’s dumbest fireworks technician, Chad recounts his adventures in the fireworks tent and we discuss the effects of acid on a theater employee.  Plus, douchebags and a patriotic reacharound.

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In this episode, the whole gang is back together.  We recount our recent adventures, talk Ex Machina and Avengers: Age of Ultron and talk about the lengths to which one should go to protect a chihuahua.  Plus, Chris Brown returns to douchebag of the week.

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For three guys who don't have much to talk about we sure don't know how to shut up.  We talk Foxcatcher, Bieber and a rare foray into politics. 

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In this episode, we record and abandon an intro due to audio quality.  Then we cross our fingers and hope that the audio is good enough to be listenable as we scramble to find a new audio program for next week.  Plus, we discuss a crap ton of movies, Chad and Scott ignore the homework, we meet the worst person in the world this side of Justin Bieber and Benji comes out pro-Taser when it comes to texting in movies.  Plus, a very special surprise for all of our listeners (or at least for the next five days *hint*hint*).

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Third, fourth or fifth time is the charm....

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In this episode, Chad butchers Christmas music, Chad and Scott discuss The Hobbit, and we talk douchebags and odd news.  

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In this episode, we discuss Seven Psychopaths, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Walking Dead and we discuss the news of the week.  Plus, douchebags galore.

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In this episode, Chad petitions to replace the theme song via listener entries, we discuss Snow White and Prometheus.

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In this episode, we survive technical difficulties to bring back the intro and to introduce the world to the greatest thing ever committed to podcast form, our latest radio drama.  We also discuss Men in Black III, Fido and douchebags. 

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This episode is a proctologist's dream.  We get to the bottom of the important issues, we discuss The Avengers yet again, and we look at the wilting of Johnny Depp.  Plus, more douchbags and the latest homework assignment.

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In this episode, we look to build up our multicultural appeal, hit the news and embrace our inner songbirds.  Plus, we recap Paranormal Activity and do a little more homework.  All this and squirrels!

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