Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

This episode, Benji and Scott successfully drive Chad away, at least for a few minutes.  We discuss how Benji is right about movies, always, and the show gets award recognition.  Plus, douchebags and the worst drama ever.

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In this episode, we pay tribute to the recently departed Whitney Houston, special guest Jar Jar Binks comes around to annoy everyone, we discuss the Super Bowl commercials and shoot for that ever elusive Waffle House endorsement.  Plus, we discuss Safe House, Midnight in Paris, Cowboys and Aliens and the Star Wars 3D rerelease. 

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In this episode, we discuss Chronicle, The Italian Job, Michael Caine's virility and borrowed douches.  Plus, the most creative introduction and radio drama ever.  All this, plus juggling monkeys.

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In this episode, we shame Fear Factor into airing a re-run, we discuss our homework, throw out a douchebag or two and find out the state of the podcast.

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