Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, we debate whether text speech will be the death of the English language, we argue over whether a theater should show 2016, review 2016, The Master, Piranhna DD and The Dictator.  We also answer our first Ask the Chihuahua and name our Douchebags of the Week.

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In this episode, Chad returns to once again ignore the homework assignment, we discuss the douchbaggery of Wal Mart, talk all things movies and discuss Pootie Tang.

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In this episode, Chad goes AWOL so we talk to a chair.  Scott and Benji discuss angry beavers and the proper care and feeding of chihuahuas, discuss Barbarella and Safety Not Guaranteed, and discuss the douchebags.  Plus, we reminisce about a local citizen's love of a horse and the legend of Courtney Love.

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In this episode, Benji recounts his near death experience, the boys discuss the writing of James Cameron and talk homework and douchebags.

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