Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

Weather, illness and little podcast gremlins have kept our crew from getting together this week.  So, to tide you over, Chad offers his take on gaming and all things nerdy.  Tune back in next week for trivia semi-final updates as well as Oscar commentary.

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In this episode, we dissect “Live Free or Die Hard”, discuss why Chad is a back-stabbing, lying weasel and start making plans for the Kansas City Comicon.  Plus, the Chihuahaus are gonna sponsor a race, we have homework and we tell you why the blade runner may truly just be misunderstood.  All this, plus return of the Chinese Delivery Guy!

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In this episode, we discuss "Identity Thief", douchebags and one hulking good fellow.  Plus, homework.

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In this special episode, we gather the scripted introductions from our first 25 episodes, a compliment to our two radio drama episodes.  And no, this is not just because no one wanted to miss the Superbowl.  Really...

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