Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, Chad relates a life changing event he witnessed on the way to recording.  We discuss "Prisoners", as well as revisit a few old favorites.  We re-visit the stupidity of the Insane Clown Posse and offer a very special reach around down under.  

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In this episode, we talk fantasy football and Scott's amazing ability to dominate the league without any actual knowledge of the sport.  We also discuss Breaking Bad, Stories We Tell and douchebags.

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In this episode, we give the inaugural Smoking Chihuahua Fantasy Football League update, revisit Scott's bum knee, hear the story of Black Terry and White Beth, and Chad has a secret.  Plus, Riddick and douchebags.

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In this episode, we soldier on without the gimpy Scott.  Jason blows us off, we launch the inaugural Smoking Chihuahua Fantasy Football League, and Benji watches a crap ton of movies.  Plus, we try to exploit our mention on The Flop House by blatantly mentioning them in our title.

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