Tales of the Smoking Chihuahua

In this episode, we recount the fascinating details of our week of lockdown.  We actually bring news to the table, Scott makes a ridiculously crude joke that costs us our sponsor and we talk Last Blood, Bad Boys for Life and a bunch of other movies.  Plus, we delve into what could possibly be the worst homework assignment of all time.


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In this episode, Benji accuses Star Trek of plagiarism, we recap yet another week weak, discuss our new trivia endeavor and revisit some old movies that we watched.  Plus, we got discuss homework for the first time in, like, forever!  And we have a new phone number that can be ignored as easily as our email address!

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In this episode, we're all still stranded at home.  Chad and Scott make fun of Benji for dropping too much money to watch Trolls World Tour, we discuss more Tiger King and Benji discusses the emotional scarring caused by CBS's nighttime schedule.  Plus, we see the RETURN OF HOMEWORK!!!!!

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It took the end of the world to get us back together!  What have we been doing for the past year?  Turns out, not too much.  But we decide to offer a ray of sunshine (or cloud darkening your day, depending on your perspective) by reuniting, and it feels so good.  We talk quarantine, Tiger King and other things that vaguely rhyme.  See ya next year!

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